Future, Inequality

≤ ≠ ≥

Just received Branko Milanovic’s book on Global Inequality. Looking forward to reading it, over the coming days. There are various forms of inequality economic, cultural and otherwise. Looking into the future, I do believe that in a world dominated by machines, IF the machines do manage to bring out certain egalitarianism in the human society by producing at scale and by providing equal access to resources such as food and healthcare and thereby requiring no one to work for those resources, it may result in current day economics and underlying social structure based largely on economics becoming irrelevant. It is certainly possible that such a world is pushed easily into violence and bloodshed reminiscent of the medieval times. According to the likes of Jordan Peterson, a social structure based on dominance hierarchy is fundamental to human society and its evolution. Inequality, thus in my view, is key to social structural equilibrium and is here to remain and will take new forms as times change. This is only as-a-matter-of-fact perspective and not to condone the ills of our society.