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Holistic Thinking

Holistic thinking, in my view, is the most critical skill that is germane to this day and age of smartphones and fake news and to the coming decades. To be holistic is the ability to look at the whole picture of matter at hand and not rely merely on limited analysis or information.
Our natural disposition to oversimplify that which is of its nature complex and to jump to conclusions is detrimental to holistic thinking.
I would argue that this disposition is at work while we consume news, make political choices or think/act out of ego.
Politicians, both to the right and to the left, exploit the efficacy of narrow narratives. Understandably, most of us fall to those narratives or fake news items as they are highly persuasive and require little critical thought.
Ego handles success, for example, in a similar fashion. Ego attributes much of an individual’s success to his/her own facets whilst ignoring or undermining the role of other factors such as luck, family and community. Ego comes in the way of holistic thinking and more often than not contributes to the subject’s downfall. Therefore, ego by itself is not the issue whereas its miring of holistic thinking is.
For me the antidote to narrow outlooks is to read books and lots of those and follow the connoisseurs in their spheres of expertise. Those help build a broad base for the mind to capture and process the information rationally and not take the bait of narrow narratives.

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