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Mind without fear

Last week I read an interview of Rajat Gupta, once a global business icon as Harvard alumni and as Managing Director of Mckinsey, was convicted of insider trading charges in 2012. He served a two year jail term till 2016. He has recently come out with his side of the story in his book – Mind without fear. I was initially unsure whether to read his book at first place. He was a heroic figure and his fall from grace was deeply disappointing, to say the least. But then I thought even Ravana and Bhishma, antagonists in ancient Indian epics, taught invaluable life lessons before they withered away.  So, I bought a copy of his book.

I think, I made the right decision. He was authentic.  Even those who argue that the book is just an effort to rebuild his tarnished reputation, I would say that his is one good attempt. I agree that it is hard to believe that for someone like him, who has wealth of business experience, could get himself into such a mess and not have a strong line of defense. But like many of us, perhaps he was able to reason better others’ problems than his own in his life. His biggest regret is that he hadn’t testified during the trial and gave into his fear (perhaps of a longer imprisonment) in one of those life altering moments.

Lessons I can draw from the book: Values based decision making and to not get too busy to not listen to your heart during hard times and more so during better times are absolutely vital for continued success.


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